TriStar Trading Co. is a small-town American company in the hills of East Tennessee.

Apparel for The Free, by The Free.

We launched for two big reasons:

1. We LOVE Tees. Soft and comfortable. The kind of shirts that after 100 trips through the washer get so soft they rise to the golden favorite-tee-in-your-drawer status. 

2. We hate waiting. If it's in stock...we actually have it in our warehouse and pledge to ship it out the door to you in a day or two.

And with that a couple of Patriots started TriStar Trading Co. in early 2020.

Yep. We launched a new startup in the middle of a global pandemic. 

Day One: 

Humble beginnings...we had six designs and two hats. 

And within hours we sold out of everything.

So we reprinted. And sold out again.

Turns out lots of folks love soft tees as much as we do. 

Since then we have expanded to a full line of tees, hats, patches, belts, slings, and a boat load of other stuff we love.

And we keep our shelves stacked with gear for all sizes, up to 4XL for you corn-fed boys. 

Our gear has now been worn by good folks across the country. 

We're proudly the merch home for YouTubers Pew Pew Tactical, Johnny BReno May, G&G Jared, Tactical Considerations, and Paul Harrell. 

Here's a fun one. Reno recently spotted some TST gear out in the wild!

Our customers love the personal customer service and the lightening-quick shipping.

Seriously, we get your stuff out the door FAST. How? Because Emily is amazing.

We handle everything locally, right here in the hills of East Tennessee.  

In a couple years flat, TriStar Trading Co. has grown from a couple of folks looking for the softest tees in the game, to a thriving East Tennessee apparel company shipping that softness across the country

Enjoy those comfy tees, y'all.