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KORE Essentials X7 Tactical Belt GRAY

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Designed & Printed in the USA.

KORE Essential's durable tactical belt with a precise, secure fit that provides a smooth, fast draw every time. 

Includes belt keeper, closet hanger, hex wrench & set screws.  

KORE Tactical belts are constructed to support small to full-size firearms, magazines, and additional gear.

X7 is specifically designed for Appendix Carry [AIWB], but can be used for IWB or OWB at any position.

No Belt Holes. Instead Kore concealed carry belts use a hidden track with 40+ sizing points, to adjust ¼” at a time.

Tactical Belts are 1.5" wide and One-Size to fit any waist from 24” up to 54"

FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75.