TriStar Trading Co.


For those times when a wallet is too thick, get minimal with the most useful money clip around. Forty Tools + room for your cash and a few cards.

Johnny got this for us because its a minimal way to carry cash, and have a few useful tools on the go.

And let's be honest, the rest of the tools you'll never use. No one needs a speed square in their pocket...but boy we love the bottle opener, screw drivers, and ruler.

Tools include: ruler, small flathead screwdriver, metric ruler, Phillips screwdriver, money clip, prybar with nail puller, speed square, cord cutter, large flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, protractor, can opener, 5mm-13mm metric wrenches, open-ended wrenches, 1/4 inch hex bit holder, straight edge, 5/16. 1/2 inch wrenches, inch ruler, 3/16 inch wrench, 9/16 inch wrench, 15mm wrench and a box opener.

Material: Alloy

Dimensions: 3.25" x 2.25"

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